Bernhard Ludwig, Fabian Becker & Murat Tozan

, by Jean-Michel Colas

Vendredi 27 novembre 2020, 16h-19h
Par téléphone: +33 187 210 241
Code d’accès: 906-762-757

Conférence dans le cadre du séminaire “Géographie historique et géoarchéologie”

- Bernhard Ludwig
M.Sc. (Deutsches Archäologisches Institut, Abteilung Istanbul)

- Fabian Becker
M.Sc. (Freie Universität Berlin, Department of Earth Sciences, Institute of Geographical Sciences, Physical Geography)

- Murat Tozan
Assoc. Prof. Dr. (Ege University, Faculty of Letters, Department of History, Division of Ancient History, Bornova, İzmir)

The Transformation of the Pergamon Micro-Region between Hellenism and Roman Imperial Period (TransPergMikro). Recent Research and Fieldwork in the Surroundings of Pergamon
Already at the beginning of the 20th century, Carl Schuchhardt, a pioneer in the study of the landscape of ancient Pergamon, noted that the development of the city can only be understood if the settlement history of the surrounding landscape is taken into account. His multidisciplinary approach, which included the cooperation with physical geographers, is now taken up again within the framework of the new “TransPergMikro”-project. The interdisciplinary project investigates the transformation of the Pergamon Micro-Region between the Hellenistic Period and the Roman Imperial Period. The interactions between cities, rural settlements and the landscape are analyzed on different levels such as the use of resources, production and consumption, lifestyle and health of the inhabitants, architecture and construction as well as the design and perception of habitats.

In this talk, current research and preliminary results of the first field work seasons of the project in the surroundings of Pergamon will be presented with a focus on the aspects of landscape archaeology (B. Ludwig), geography and geo-archaeology (F. Becker) and ancient history (M. Tozan).

Responsable : Anca Dan