Digitalisation of the Liffré’s hoard

, by Agnès

Porteurs du projet : Katherine Gruel et Thierry Lejars (AOROC)

Dates : du 4 au 15 février 2019
Lieu : Rennes, Musée de Bretagne

The Liffré’s hoard includes 1200 Riedones coins which will constitute our test sample for dies recognition studies, as part of the apprenticeship of Matteo Tanghe and Sofiane Horache’s thesis who is starting in January. We want to scan maximum of coins directly in the museum’s reserves.
The work of pattern recognition and prints comparison will then be done in the laboratory. 300 coins have already been scanned and the first works are conclusive. It is now a matter of extending it to the whole treasure.
The objective is to establish a reliable study protocol, to define the decision support tools, to automate as much as possible the procedures of identification of the original dies from the positive prints conserved on the coins.
Then produce the most complete picture of each die from the cut of the best preserved parts on the coins.