Project Villa of Diomedes, Pompeii, coord. H. Dessales

, par Jean-Michel Colas

This program focuses on one of the very first buildings excavated on the site of Pompeii, between 1771 and 1775, the Villa of Diomedes, which was mostly described and depicted by the travelers of the “Grand Tour”. Since 2012, thanks to the structuring programmePSL « Pompeii 3D », and with the partnership of the Parco archeologico di Pompei, a multidisciplinary program has been aimed at reconstructing its entire evolution, combining the material fabrication of a Roman villa with its contemporary, imaginary one. It has involved identifying and modeling the different construction and expansion processes that punctuated its life in ancient times until the eruption of Vesuvius in 79, as well as the restorations that have transformed the building from the end from the 18th century to the present day. To achieve this, different skills have been combined : history of excavations and restorations, construction archeology, databases, geographic information systems, geophysics, structural engineering, scientific imagery and 3D modeling.

 A monograph is scheduled for 2020. H. Dessales, ed., The Villa of Diomedes. The making of a Roman villa in Pompeii, Paris, Hermann, 2020, Coll. AOROC / CJB. Contributions of Clothilde Boust, Mathilde Carrive, Julien Cavero, Guilhem Chapelin, Arnaud Coutelas, Rita Deiana, Giuseppina De Martino, Marco Di Ludovico, Hélène Dessales, Julien Dubouloz, Ambre d’Harcourt, Éloïse Letellier-Taillefer, Filippo Lorenzoni, Anne Maigret, Gaetano Manfredi, Frédérique Marchand-Beaulieu, Annamaria Mauro, Andrea Milanese, Claudio Modena, Florence Monier, Alban-Brice Pimpaud, Jean Ponce, Andrea Prota, Enzo Rizzo, Amedeo Rossi, Alfonso Santoriello, Agnès Tricoche and Maria Rosa Valluzzi.